Sinus Pain Or Abscessed Tooth?

Your maxillary sinuses are very close upstairs neighbors of your top teeth. In some areas, only a sliver of tissue separates the upper tooth roots from the bottom of the sinus cavity. It’s no wonder that when there is pain

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Sparkling Smiles At OKC Smiles

Welcome to the OKC Smiles dental blog, Oklahoma City! I am Dr. Sterling Stalder. Today’s post focuses on teeth whitening. Unfortunately our teeth lose their luster as we grow older, but I see staining on young patients, as well. Moore

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Help For Tetracycline Stains At OKC Smiles

Here at OKC Smiles, our mission is making the smiles of all Oklahoma dental patients white and bright. My name is Sterling Stalder and today we are going to talk about ways to enhance your beautiful smile. Maybe as a

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3 Smart Smile Solutions

In today’s article we will focus on three innovative procedures used in smile redesigns. 1. Tooth Implants Tooth implants are transforming the face of dentistry. For most patients, a dental implant is the prime solution for a missing tooth. A

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Does Whitening Toothpaste Work?

Are yellowing teeth getting you down? If so, you are not alone! Some of the most common concerns of Norman, Edmond, and Mustang dental patients pertain to cosmetic dentistry procedures like teeth whitening. Because many dental products such as toothpastes

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OKC Smiles Dental Miracles

OKC Smiles cosmetic dentistry can not only brighten your smile, it can improve the health of your teeth and make your face more pleasing and younger-looking. Additionally, it can help with TMJ issues, and it definitely increases your self-esteem! What’s

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Affordable Dentistry In Oklahoma City

A perceived lack of affordable dentistry in Moore is one of the biggest reasons many people in our community avoid going to the dentist. However, the truth is that affordable dentistry is available in Oklahoma City at OKC Smiles.

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Is Cosmetic Dentistry For You?

Many of the patients who visit OKC Smiles have questions about cosmetic dentistry. There is some reliable information online, but there are many questions that only your local Oklahoma City dentist can answer. New developments in cosmetic dentistry have made it safe, affordable, and worth your consideration.

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Smile Makeovers At OKC Smiles

Many Oklahoma dental patients have experienced a boost in self-confidence by undergoing restorative or cosmetic dentistry at OKC Smiles in Oklahoma City. I’m Dr. Sterling Stalder of OKC Smiles. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than helping Moore dentistry patients dramatically

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Are You Smiling?

Hello Oklahoma City! Welcome to OKC Smiles, and we have been here serving the Moore area since 1986. We are constantly striving to cater to the oral health needs of our patients, and we hope that you might be one

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