Eruption Charts: Not As Scary As They Sound

Thanks for visiting the Oklahoma City Dental Blog. Today, we’re talking about eruption charts and their uses. An eruption chart is simply a listing of the different types of teeth in the mouth and when, on average, they come out,

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Think You Know How To Brush? Think Again.

You’ve been doing it since you were five. You switch to auto pilot morning and night and get it done. But are you doing it right? Actually, many people are making tooth brushing mistakes. You may need to tweak your

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Preventing Gum Disease At OKC Smiles

Run your tongue along the gumline behind your lower front teeth. Do you feel a ridge? This is probably tartar or dental calculus. Even if you brush and floss regularly, plaque and tartar can gradually accumulate. If not removed, these

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Peace Begins With A Smile

Mother Theresa once said “Peace begins with a smile.” Perhaps that peace should start with the person who is smiling. How do you feel about your smile? Are you at peace with it? Are you proud to flash a wide,

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When Something’s Gotta Give, Don’t Let It Be Your Smile

Life is busy for many Oklahoma City residents. At times, it’s impossible to get all the “gotta do’s” done and many are delayed or dropped altogether. Sometimes your car has to wait another 500 miles for an oil change or

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Pregnancy And Oral Health

In today’s OKC Smiles blog we will discuss how pregnancy impacts your dental health. I am Dr. Sterling Stalder and I want all expectant Oklahoma mothers to realize the importance of good oral hygiene during pregnancy. Because of the changes

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The OKC Smiles Guide To Preventing Gum Disease

Hearing that you have periodontal disease or “gum disease” can be upsetting. Here at OKC Smiles in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, we are committed to educating and assisting patients in preventing gum disease. If you discover that you already have gum

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Not Happy With Your Oklahoma City Dentist?

Hello Oklahoma friends! Welcome to OKC Smiles in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We provide general dentistry, restorative dentistry, and unprecedented cosmetic dentistry for the whole family. Our services include: sedation dentistry restorative dentistry general dentistry porcelain veneers Immediate care for dental

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The Dangers Of Oral Infections

“It’s just a small sore, it will go away.” “I’m too busy right now, I’ll go to a dentist later.” “A little sensitivity is no big deal.” It happens to most Oklahoma City residents at least once in their life.

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Into The Thick Of It – The Skinny On Toothpaste

Welcome to our blog, Oklahoma City! I’m happy about how much I have to share with you about toothpaste and oral hygiene in the short time we have together. Enjoy! Why does toothpaste seem gritty? The abrasive nature of toothpaste

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