Sedation FAQs

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Sedation dentistry is a hugely positive development in dental technology. More and more people get remarkable benefits from it every day.

Common Questions About Sedation Dentistry:

What is sedation dentistry?
Sedation dentistry is a field of medicine wherein sedatives are administered to patients with the goal of giving them tranquility and comfort during dental treatments.

Who are advised to have dental sedation?
Those people who are suffering from dental phobia or dental anxiety should consider dental sedation. It is also recommended that patients in the Oklahoma City, Moore OK, Norman OK and surrounding areas who need multiple or complex dental procedures employ dental sedation.

What is the effect of dental sedation?
The general effect of dental sedation is to make the patient relaxed and calm. Depending on the severity of your dental phobia or anxiety, we can administer the best dental sedation option for you.

Is sedation dentistry safe?
Sedation dentistry is a safe technique. More and more people are undergoing dental treatment while under sedation.

Can sedation help me face dental phobia?
Yes. Sedation Dentistry has helped hundreds of thousands overcome dental phobia. Once you come in and have a great experience, your dental phobia should start to lesson immediately. Though dental phobia comes in different shapes and sizes, almost any dental phobia can be overcome with the help of sedation dentistry.

What dental sedation methods does our office offer?
Our clinic in Oklahoma City serves Moore OK and Norman OK citizens and offers three types of dental sedation for dental phobia: (1) Nitrous Oxide Inhalation, (2) Oral Conscious Sedation, and (3) Intravenous Sedation. For more details about these methods please visit our page on the types of sedation available.

What will I feel immediately after sedatives are administered?
Many patients in Oklahoma City observe lightheadedness that develops into warmth and heaviness. Other patients in the Moore OK and Norman OK area notice the feeling of being very light, as if floating.

Does sedation eliminate pain?
Not entirely. Since sedation medications are not pain-killers but are intended for relaxation, it does not completely eliminate pain. We can administer local anesthesia in order to eliminate or control pain.

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