Dentures In Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City dentures patient smiling about new denturesDentures are false/prosthetic teeth or devices used to fill gaps in your smile, reconstruct weakened or damaged areas of your smile or replace your natural teeth all together. Depending on your unique situation and circumstances, the great doctors and team at OKC Smiles will work with you to develop the perfect customized cosmetic dental solution for you.

Dentures offer four primary benefits to you:

  • Aesthetics | Missing teeth are not only noticeable when you smile, but the loss of a tooth or teeth actually weakens your jaw bone and can lead to a misshapen or irregular facial structure. Dentures help by making your smile look great not only when you share your smile, but when you are not smiling as well. Dentures do this by providing support for cheeks and lips and mitigating the “collapsed” appearance that often results from missing teeth.
  • Chewing | No surprise here… missing teeth can make it difficult to chew. Your OKC Smiles customized denture solution will give you back your ability to chew as if you had never lost any teeth. Don’t underestimate the importance of chewing. Food that has not been chewed properly can lead to digestion and overall health issues.
  • Self-esteem | Don’t let an imperfect smile prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest anymore! OKC Smiles denture solutions are so natural looking that practically no one will even know they’re not real. Work with us to create your dream smile with dentures so you can share your smile confidently with everyone.
  • Speech | You may have noticed that missing teeth can cause unwanted sounds when pronouncing certain words. Properly created dentures will solve this issue and help you speak confidently again, without worrying about an unwanted lisp creeping into your sentences.

Implant Supported Dentures

As an alternative to conventional dentures, you may want to consider implant-supported dentures. This restorative dental procedure is a good long-term tooth replacement solution that can offer more stability than standard dentures. With several dental implants used as anchors for the dentures, gum and jawbone health is preserved. Implant supported dentures can also be removed for cleaning. This denture option allows for increased chewing support as well as more comfort while talking and eating.

LJ is a dentures patient of OKC Smiles near Moore and Norman, OK, and he has now had the opportunity to compare regular dentures to implant-supported dentures. In the video below, he explains a bit what regular dentures are like and the night and day difference he has found now that he has dentures supported by mini dental implants.

Damaged or Missing Teeth? Schedule a Denture Consultation in Oklahoma City!

There is no need to put off dentures because of fear or anxiety. OKC Smiles will partner with you to make sure you can put your best face forward without breaking the bank. Ask us about conventional dentures, implant supported dentures, or even implant dentistry as another alternative to replace missing teeth. Give us a call, text, or email today to schedule a free denture consultation. We happily provide dentures and other tooth replacement solutions to patients who come from all over Oklahoma City to see us, including Moore and Norman, OK.

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