A toothache is impossible to ignore once you feel it. While some dental problems have just one or two underlying causes, a toothache can be a bit harder to diagnose. Many factors can cause a toothache. Your teeth may hurt because of:

  • A lack of dental hygiene
  • Sudden trauma
  • Food particles stuck between teeth
  • Bite pressure from bruxism or tooth grinding

Regardless of why your tooth is hurting, no one wants to live in discomfort for long. Even a dull ache can impact your daily life and make it harder to eat and speak. Then, a sudden, intense pain can occur that needs to be addressed right away.

No matter what your tooth is hurting, the dental professionals at OKC Smiles are here to treat the issue and return you to a state of comfort. Call us today to get help or set up an appointment right away.

Toothache Relief For Oklahoma City Patients

Woman with toothache visiting Oklahoma City dentistIf you’ve ever experienced a toothache, you don’t need an explanation of how it feels. The discomfort is not easily forgotten and can be surprisingly disruptive to your life. It’s important to take care of any toothache as soon as you become aware of it and to not put it off.

If caught early enough, resolving your toothache may be a matter of a simple filling that fixes a cavity. If left alone, your tooth pain has the potential to lead to a necessary root canal procedure, gum disease, or a malady requiring tooth extraction. Play it safe and take a toothache as a cue from your body to get your teeth taken care of.

What Causes Toothaches in Moore and Norman, OK?

Some of the most common causes of toothaches include:
Toothache patient in Oklahoma City with tooth pain

  • Cavities | Cavities often develop from eating too much sugary or acidic food which eats through the natural protective enamel on your tooth, clearing a path for bacteria and microorganisms to create the cavity. Proper dental health and oral hygiene will help prevent cavities caused by diet and lifestyle but is not 100% effective. Get cavities filed as soon as possible to keep them from worsening or causing pain.
  • Irritation of Dental Pulp | When microorganisms or bacteria eat through your tooth to such a point that they reach your dental pulp, you will probably need a root canal. Dental fillings are a much easier and less expensive treatment than root canals if you can get in soon enough, but root canals are nothing to be afraid of.
  • Environment | Some people experience tooth pain due to barometric pressure changes similar to people who experience achy joints with barometric pressure changes in their environment.
  • Gum Disease | Gum disease is the inflammation or infection of your gums. It can loosen your teeth and damage your jawbone. Both of these outcomes can cause tooth pain and need to be addressed immediately.Click here to learn more about gum disease
  • Wisdom Teeth | Wisdom teeth are the molars in the very back of your mouth that grow in during the early to late teen years, right when you’re supposedly gaining wisdom (hence “wisdom” teeth). Sometimes they grow in straight and cause no issues, but sometimes they grow in at an angle and push against your other teeth. The common term for this condition is “impacted” wisdom teeth. As these wisdom teeth continue to push against your other teeth, you may experience toothaches. This situation can lead to infection and various other issues—especially crowding of the teeth.
  • Cracked Tooth | A cracked tooth is a tooth that has developed a crack through the enamel, through the dentin, and sometimes through the tooth pulp. You may experience either fleeting or constant tooth pain when you chew on this tooth. As with any toothache, it is best to schedule a visit with us immediately to identify the issue and address it before it becomes worse. We take pride in offering quick toothache relief.
  • Dental Trauma | Even if you take great care of your teeth, you can’t control emergency situations. If you get hit in the mouth, you may experience a cracked or broken tooth. Sometimes this damage will be obvious. Other times, it will only be present in tooth pain in the affected area.

Toothache Treatment at OKC Smiles

No one wants to live with tooth pain, so regardless of why you’re in pain, we want to help. Our dental professionals will figure out what is causing your toothache. From there, we will develop a treatment plan, whether that be removing the tooth, filling a cavity, or providing other restorative dentistry procedures.

We also provide various pain management options, including sedation dentistry, to ensure you are comfortable during the process. Our comprehensive dental services care for more than just your teeth. We want to make sure all of you is happy and healthy.

Got a Toothache? Get Tooth Pain Relief in Oklahoma City!

If you are experiencing a toothache and live in the Oklahoma City area, including Moore and Norman, OK, call, text, or email OKC Smiles today to schedule a visit. Toothache relief is closer than you may think!

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