Root canals relieve pain for Oklahoma City patients with infected or damaged teeth

Gentle Root Canal Treatment For OKC Patients

Root canals have become one of the most culturally feared general dentistry procedures out there. These rampant fears and misunderstandings come from the traumatized victims of outdated dentistry. OKC Smiles and the great doctors and staff offer top quality and cutting edge dentistry and can make even the most dental-phobic people comfortable and calm during their treatments. For those are a very nervous about root canals, we even offer sedation dentistry, which calms even the most anxious patients.

The root canal procedure removes infected, inflamed and/or otherwise effected nerve pulp within a tooth. The pulp cavity is opened, and then this nerve pulp is carefully removed. In case you are concerned, the nerve pulp is no longer needed in mature teeth and only serves to function as a pain epicenter if damaged. Once the pulp is removed, the toothache you were feeling will be gone.

Depending on the extensiveness of the damage and the state of the tooth, the tooth will either be filled with a durable, tooth-colored resin or a permanent prosthetic crown will be used to replace your natural tooth crown. Don’t worry, OKC Smiles places beautiful dental crowns that most would never be able to tell is not your natural tooth.

If you are feeling pain and discomfort in your tooth, don’t put it off. The decay and infection causing the pain does not go away on its own and will often cause more damage the longer you let it go. We know that you know it’s better to not put it off. Don’t let your previous ideas of antiquated root canals prevent you from achieving permanent relief. We will take every step to make sure you are perfectly comfortable and calm for your treatment.

Call OKC Smiles today to schedule a free root canal consultation. We look forward to meeting you!

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