Spotlight-Ready Smiles From OKC Smiles In Oklahoma City

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what are dental implants

A mouth full of unattractive teeth can really distract from a beautiful person’s appearance. Having a red-carpet-worthy smile can bring you increased satisfaction and confidence in your social interactions with your distinguished A-list friends. This smile, however, doesn’t have to have a celebrity price tag. Five-star yet affordable cosmetic dentistry and VIP treatment has been […]

Adequate Results vs. Incredible Results

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Oklahoma City Teeth Bleaching

A Moore cosmetic surgeon has specialized schooling in addition to the training a general surgeon completes. Likewise, a true cosmetic dentist has completed rigorous courses in addition to dental school. Of course, many Oklahoma City general dentists offer cosmetic dentistry treatment. Teeth whitening, crowns, porcelain veneers, and dental bonding are some of the common procedures […]

Embarrassed By Your Teeth In Oklahoma City?

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Edmond aesthetic dentistry

What is a beautiful smile worth? Moore men and women who have received a smile makeover at OKC Smiles in Oklahoma City say it was worth every penny. Your smile is a part of you that you share with your Oklahoma City family, Edmond friends, and Norman colleagues every day. An attractive smile creates confidence. […]

Helping Oklahoma City Love Dental Visits

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Helping Oklahoma City Love Dental Visits

It’s no secret that most Oklahoma City people dread going to the dentist. Everyone knows it and despite your best efforts, even your Moore area dentist knows it. But when you start visiting your dentist for the latest cosmetic dental treatments, you may find that you LOVE going to the dentist!

Look For The Seal In Oklahoma City

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Look For The Seal In Moore

When you go to a Norman, Edmond, or Mustang drugstore or supermarket looking for toothpaste, mouthwash, teeth whitener, or another oral care product, make sure that it carries the seal of the American Dental Association. The seal is there to help you make the best choices you can for the products you need to keep your mouth clean and healthy.

Seeking A Relationship In Oklahoma City?

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Affordable Moore Cosmetic Dentistry

Perhaps you recently broke off a dysfunctional partnership and are determined to make a better choice this time around. I’m not talking about a relationship with a girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse – I’m talking about something equally important – your relationship with your Oklahoma City dentist. (…I admit my obvious bias.)