Don’t Let A Simple Problem Become Serious

canker sore treatment MooreIn this post from OKC Smiles in Oklahoma City, we’re going to discuss those small irritations in the mouth that have the potential to become big problems.

Injuries, sores, or inflammation in the mouth can be very uncomfortable. These non-specific irritations, called stomatitis, have many different causes.

They may be caused by cold sores, gum disease, teeth grinding, or biting the inside of your mouth. They may also be linked to broken teeth or braces.

In fact, any inflammation of the mouth’s membranes can be classified as stomatitis. They can affect your ability to speak, eat, and even to fall asleep at night.

In most cases, they clear up on their own in less than two weeks. However, there is a possibility that a viral or bacterial infection can occur. It’s important to let us know about them if they don’t clear up after several weeks. Even if there are no complications, we can help you treat the symptoms of stomatitis.

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