Sensitive Teeth? Treating Tooth Pain in Oklahoma City

Tooth Sensitivity Treatment in Oklahoma City Have you ever been eating ice cream or drinking tea when you had sudden tooth pain? Rather than a cavity, this could indicate teeth sensitivity, a common issue with temperature extremes. Even breathing in cold winter air can do it, for some Oklahoma City residents. Ouch!

If the enamel has eroded, or the gums have receded, the dentin layer of the tooth is exposed. The substances that cause tooth pain travel to the pulp where the nerves of the tooth are located.

A number of things can result in gum recession including consuming acidic foods and drinks, teeth grinding, or cracked teeth. Even brushing your teeth too hard can cause it. You read that right: it is possible to brush too forcibly!

If your teeth are sensitive following a professional teeth whitening such as the ones we do at OKC Smiles, the sensitivity will probably be gone in a few days.

If your tooth sensitivity is more persistent, there are special toothpastes that can provide relief. They’re available at most grocery stores and drug stores. Ask OKC Smiles for a recommendation. Other treatments are also available.

Tooth sensitivity can be a tip off that something else is going on. It may be a cavity, periodontal disease, gum recession, or bacteria build-up in a crack in a tooth. Dont ever hesitate to call us if you have a toothache.

At OKC Smiles in Oklahoma City, we not only treat tooth pain, we also provide cosmetic and general dentistry. Call us to schedule a consultation and exam.

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