Are You Watching For Cavities?

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Did you know a cavity may be reversed? These small holes in our teeth caused by acidic tooth erosion can actually be prevented from getting worse and require filling. Currently, around 90% of adults have cavities and almost 30% have untreated cavities. However, by taking a few necessary precautions, we can stave off tooth decay […]

What Can OKC Smiles Do For You?

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Hello, and welcome to the Moore dental health blog. My name is Dr. Mark Phan and I want to tell you about our Oklahoma City practice, OKC Smiles. We work hard to keep our patients satisfied. Our most popular services are: sedation dentistry restorative dentistry family dentistry porcelain veneers Invisalign We serve residents in the […]

5 Ways To Prevent A Cracked Tooth

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Cracked teeth can be painful, unattractive, and expensive to repair. Today’s post in the OKC Smiles dental blog contains an easy-to-follow list of tips to keep your teeth whole and strong. 1. We have to state the obvious don’t chew on hard things. Mind-blowing, right? People should steer clear of ice, hard candies, hard nuts, […]